Our mentoring process

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White Phase. Initial Screening
The white phase consists of a qualifications assessment and review, including an interview.

Orange Phase. Credentialing and Job Application
The orange phase consists of job application mentoring services. If the teacher joins Mialakai with a job offer, the orange phase will consist of a host school review to ensure the school meets the requirements of the teacher exchange program.

Blue Phase. Visa Processing
The blue phase consists of matching the teacher with an appropriate visa sponsor and assisting in the J-1 Visa process. Teachers should have job offers by the end of May to be accommodated. Teachers with job offers after May will be subject to the availability of visa slots.

Red Phase. US Arrival support and services
The Red phase consists of training to prepare teachers to come to the US. Assistance in booking flights, airport pick up, and housing arrangements. 

Brown Phase. Continuing support
Support will continue to be provided throughout the first academic year of teaching in the form of informative webinars and consulting services. 

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